I’m New

Welcome to Starlight Park Baptist Church.

One of the most pressing things on a person’s mind when coming to  a new church is what to expect.  At Starlight we are family so expect to be welcome. You don’t have to dress up. You don’t need new shoes. Just come as you are and I guarantee that you’ll fit right in.

We usually start the service with prayer and some of the old favorite hymns right out of the Baptist Hymnal. I’m sure you’ve heard most of them and if you haven’t don’t worry, they are all easy to sing along with and learn.  You definitely don’t need a fabulous voice.. just be willing to make a joyful noise. And all those around you will be doing the same thing!

We have announcements and then sing a few more songs. At some point we will send around the basket for tithes and offerings but don’t feel obligated to pitch in. Not until you’re ready anyway.  But then comes the best part (at least the Pastor thinks so haha)… the sermon. This is when you will hear God’s word right out of the Bible. And don’t expect it to be watered down or always politically correct. Sometimes what God is speaking to us isn’t always easy to hear… but it will always make a difference in your life if you willing to listen. And if you do feel moved, we always end our services with an old fashion alter call.

So come on over and visit. And if you need a ride just give us a call.